On 1st june 2015. PREMIUM Software d.o.o. set up to Google Play Store the demo version of application “PREMIUM Mobi”, which provides support for mobile payments on the Android platform. The application is free to install and could be run on the mobile devices. In this application is installed a basic set of demo functionality…

NLB Razvojna banka launched ABACUS eClick project

Premium Software and NLB Razvojna banka launched a project implementation of the new e-banking solution. ABACUS eClick is intended for clients, individuals and corporate entities. This product includes a completely new set of e-banking service for clients. The bank expects to recover all investments in this project within 8 months of implementation of the system.

New software package for car insurance

Premium Software has released a new software package for car insurance under the legislation of the Republic of Serbia, which is valid from 1/1/2011. The software package is fully Internet-oriented and intended for insurance agents.
Software package includes all on-line services to the Information Center of the association of insurance companies (IC UOS).

ABACUS Exchange implemented in NLB Banka Tuzla

March 2011., Tuzla, BiH. ABACUS Exchange solution implemented in NLB Banka Tuzla. ABACUS Exchange is the latest PREMIUM Software solution for clients who deal with exchange operations on their own behalf and on behalf of the Bank, in accordance with the following legislation: – “Zakon o Centralnoj banci Bosne i Hercegovine” – “Zakon o deviznom…