Abacus architecture layer consists of:
    • The first layer – Database server (data and storage procedures)
    • The primary and standby Oracle Database Server (AIX, SuSE, RedHat, Solaris, or Windows Server)
    • The second layer – Oracle Application Server (business logic)
      (Oracle Linux, Red Hat, Windows Server, SuSE, Solaris)
    • The third layer
      Windows xx (presentation layer, Web browser (Microsoft IE Firefox, Mozilla, GoogleChrome, …)
    • Network protocol
      TCP / IP, SQL * Net
    • Developer Tools
      Oracle Developer Suite (Designer, Forms and Reports, PL / SQL, jDeveloper)

Web environment based on Java technology allows you to access the system from any computer. Installing the system is working exclusively on a central server, so the maintenance of a centralized system.
Depending on the needs of banks, our customers, Abacus ® is installed on smaller servers with 2 or 4 processors, but also on clusters of computers, where it is applied to Oracle’s Real Application Cluster.
Selecting Abacus ® for corebanking system bank is able to implement an integrated information system based on the latest system platforms and relational databases (Linux, Windows, Oracle). Integrated systems offer great advantages. Here are the main advantages of integrated systems:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Secure operational control
  • Accurate and understandable risk management
  • Comprehensive and timely management information
  • The variety of products and services offered
  • Compliance with national and international accounting standards